Yafnaugh of the Oubliette's Inventory Ledger

Cash, Gems and Wealth

Coins 10g, 50c

Mundane Equipment And Inventory

Item Weight (lbs.) Market Price Description
Backpack 2 2g This leather knapsack has one large pocket that closes with a buckled strap and holds about 2 cubic feet of material. Some may have one or more smaller pockets on the sides.
lamp oil 1 2s 1 pint of lamp oil
silk rope 5 10g 50 feet of silk rope
small dagger 1 2g small-sized daggers are 1d3 at 19-20/x2 with a Range of 10’ dealing piercing or slashing
small spear 6 2g small spears are 1d6 at x3 with a range of 20’ dealing piercing damage
small steel mirror 0.5 10g a small polished steel handmirror
spell component pouch 2 5g an ordinary spell component pouch
scroll case 0.5 1g A leather or wooden scroll case easily holds four scrolls; you can cram more inside, but retrieving any of them becomes a full-round action rather than a move action. You must destroy the scroll case to damage its contents (hardness 2 for leather or 5 for wood, 2 hit points, break DC 15). A scroll case is not watertight, and must still be protected from the elements.
Total Weight: 18.5 lbs

Magical Items And Gear

Item Weight (lbs.) Market Price Description
Scrolls 25g 2 scrolls of Infernal Healing are crammed into a scroll case. They are each at caster level 1, and since Yafnaugh inscribed them himself, he only paid Cost for them.

Yafnaugh of the Oubliette's Inventory Ledger

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