Zophiel Inventory Ledger

Wealth, Cash And Gems

33 gold pieces


item weight description
Spellbook 3lbs. This plain, brown-leather bound book contains all of Zophiel’s starting spells
monk’s habit This plain, black, floor-length robe is voluminous on Zophiel’s petite frame
spell component pouch this belt pouch contains material components for spells

Magical Equipment

item weight description
Scrolls: Gravity Bow (1), Mage Armor (1)

Complete Spellbook Information

  • Zophiel’s starting spellbook: a plain brown leather hardback book
cantrips: all cantrips except Spark
1st: Heightened Awareness, Gravity Bow, Dancing Darkness, Identify, Mage Armor, Color Spray, Blood Money, Shield, Silent Image, Vanish, Glue Seal
  • Spell Inscription Queue…

Refer to the rules section discussing the processes and costs of inscribing spells into mages’ spellbooks for more information.

  • Shopping Via Tiadora:

a light crossbow (35g), 20 quarrels (2g) and 30g-worth of Scroll inscription materials

Zophiel Inventory Ledger

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